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DreamWakers exposes students to new careers and also strengthens core academic skills. Our flashchats and lesson plans align with Common Core Learning Standards and the Common Career Technical Core. Our use of video chatting technology also meets ISTE Teacher Standards for Technology.

The Common Core Standards
Speaking + Learning Standards

  • Pose thoughtful questions to the speaker
  • Contribute to the discussion by responding to the speaker's previous remarks.
Common Core Resources

ISTE Teacher Standards
Effective Use of Technology

  • Incorporate  technology + student engagement
  • Model digital age work + learning.
ISTE Teacher Resources

The Common Career Technical Core Career Ready Practices

  • Plan education and career path aligned to personal goals.
  • Employ valid and reliable research strategies with DreamWakers Lesson Plans
The Common Career Technical Core Resources
Common Core Resources
ISTE Teacher Resources
The Common Career Technical Core

Here is a printable & shareable PDF with this information.

Video Resources 

Here are several quick curriculum-focused videos on how some of our DreamSpeakers use what students can learn in school in the “Real World.” Our YouTube channel contains hundreds more clips from our flashchats that cover everything from core subjects to college and inspirational testimonials from our speakers. These clips serve as a fantastic springboard for introducing a new unit or for independent study. Check it out here!

DreamTheme Wheel: Spin for Success

Our speakers often talk about the life skills they rely on to reach and achieve success in their careers. DreamThemes are these life changing personal skills and mindsets that students can begin using now as they plot their first steps to a promising future. The DreamTheme Wheel is a fun and easy tool you can use to acquaint students with these DreamThemes. Apply to host a flashchat to gain access to our DreamTheme Wheel lesson plans!

Play DreamBingo!

Play DreamBingo with your students to further enhance their understanding of our DreamThemes. This is a fun and interactive game that uses inspirational clips from flashchats and the game of bingo to engage students with our DreamThemes. Apply to host a flashchat to gain access to DreamBingo.

Dream Bingo

Lesson Plans

If you are accepted as a DreamWakers teacher, we will provide you with age and subject appropriate lesson plans in addition to our DreamTheme Wheel and DreamBingo. Questions? Email: info@dreamwakers.org.

DreamWaker Lesson Plans

DreamTeacher Fellowship Program

Each year, DreamWakers selects twelve teachers from across the country to participate in our DreamTeacher Fellowship Program. Meet a few of our fellows here.

DreamTeacher Fellows

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