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Every Fall, DreamWakers comes together as a community to unite in our mission of empowering and inspiring students across the nation to plan for their futures. This year, our virtual celebration will take place on Wednesday, September 30, at 8 pm ET, marking the culmination of our three-week #SeeItDreamItBeIt action campaign. The event will serve as an opportunity to hear from the wider DreamWakers community and honor our 2020 DreamWakers award winners. We can’t wait to see you there!

Our four inspiring awardees have made an immeasurable impact on the lives of students and in learning communities across the United States. They are educators, professionals, and dreamers who are committed to helping students SEE what they can BE. Check them out below!

2020 Volunteer of the Year: Hafsa Kamara

Marketing Strategist and Olympic Athlete based in Los Angeles, California

“I am an Olympic track athlete whose interests reach far beyond sports. I’ve taken the time to learn the marketing business and equipped myself with skills in social media and brand development. I am interested in connecting with the world in all aspects of my life. From sports and marketing to philanthropy and healthcare, I believe every individual has a unique voice, a story to tell. I want to be the translator of your story.”

2020 Classroom of the Year: Selina Cotton & her 11th- and 12th-Grade Students

English Teacher at East High School in Youngstown, OH

“I DreamWake because it is so important for my students to see the opportunities that exist for them beyond where they currently are… It is important for them to understand that they are not limited by their circumstances but that they are able to flourish, grow, and be whatever they believe they can be.”

2020 Educator of the Year: Jennifer Barefoot

Media Specialist at Grovetown Middle School in Grovetown, GA

“DreamWakers nourishes the imagination of our students by introducing them to career professionals that are passionate about their careers despite obstacles they may have faced. And what better time than right now to teach students how to overcome barriers during times of adversity, in order to realize what it means to DREAM BIG.”

2020 Speaker of the Year: Julio Chavez

Software Engineer at YouTube based in Oakland, CA

“I remember getting on my first flashchat and thinking, ‘So many of these students on the other side of this video feed look like me.’ Which begged the question, “Who were the people who I was exposed to as a student… and how many of them actually looked like me?”

Thank you DreamWakers for giving students the opportunity to meet people who they identify with.”

Our 2020 action campaign, which runs from September 9 to 30, unites our community toward a common goal: expanding DreamWakers’ positive impact on students in the 2020–21 school year. Learning communities across the country are entering a school year of uncertainty, seeking connection and inspiration in a difficult era of remote learning. We cannot leave education to chance, and DreamWakers’ career conversations are a key solution to supporting students to look toward an exciting future.

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Register here to attend our community celebration on September 30 at 8pm ET! Highlights will include a live raffle, community awards, special messages from some of our most inspiring #DreamSpeakers, and insights from #DreamEducators across the U.S.

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