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Why We

At DreamWakers we believe that intelligence is equally distributed, but opportunity is not.

We aim to close the opportunity gap for students from systemically under-resourced schools and educational programs who research shows have significantly less exposure to professional role models as compared with their wealthier peers. This gap widens as students develop, resulting in profound educational and professional consequences.

Teacher and Students

In 2019, approximately 7 in 10 employers cited talent shortages in their fields; more than three times higher than the decade prior.​

Children from low-income families ultimately earn half the salary of children from affluent families.

Less than half of students in the U.S. feel that they have a good grasp of the educational requirements needed for some of the most well-known professions.

By age 6, low-income students spend 1,300 fewer hours outside of home and school than their more affluent peers. This gap only grows as they age.

Of all bachelor’s degrees awarded, only 10 percent are awarded to students from families in the lowest income quartile, compared to more
than 50 percent to students from the wealthiest families

As seen in the Washington Post, the New York Times, and Forbes, we are on a mission to help students SEE what they can BE. By providing positive exposure to role models and careers, DreamWakers brings classroom lessons to life, inspiring the next generation of leaders to envision and prepare for their own future.

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How We DreamWake

DreamWakers partners with 4th- to 12th-grade classrooms nationwide, prioritizing schools and programs in which at least 50% of the student body is eligible for free or reduced-priced lunch. Through interactive virtual sessions via video chat, DreamWakers connects professionals in a wide array of industries to classrooms across the country. Our virtual, 45-minute “flashchats” are designed to shed light on the real-world applicability of curriculum while highlighting inspirational stories of engaging, relatable role models.

Connecting Classrooms to Careers

Each flashchat adds tangible classroom value by: increasing interest in subject matter; encouraging students to build their own personal vision; building strong critical thinking skills; exposing students to new cultures and professional role models; and enhancing public speaking skills and confidence.

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