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DreamWakers is committed to amplifying Black voices year-round, and Black History Month is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the meaningful experiences, insights, and inspiration of Black members of our community: DreamSpeakers who share their stories with students, DreamEducators whose dedication to their students is unwavering, and DreamStudents whose inquisitiveness and courage to engage in conversation provide hope for the future. Throughout February, 29 Black DreamSpeakers connected with classrooms around the U.S., providing career inspiration, guidance, and connection, and collectively reaching 1,216 students across 11 states.

To reflect on the meaningful conversations that happened over the course of this month, we asked our community: “What does Black History Month mean to you?” A sampling of the insightful responses is captured below.

“What Black History means to me is remembering and gaining knowledge and an understanding of the past and present situation of African-descended people in the United States.”

Juliana, 8th-grade DreamStudent

“Although Black History should be a part of every day and every month, that has historically not been the case. It gives us the opportunity to focus on the accomplishments of Black people beyond a few well-known names. I believe it can act as a launching point for public and personal education and reflection for the rest of the year.”

Breanna Holtz, DreamEducator

“Black History Month means beauty, love, respect, and kindness. You see, Black History isn’t just a month we celebrate for Black people. Segregation was going on until 1964. Black people were treated badly because of the color of their skin and it was unfair. Please, if you can make a change, we can all stick together. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻❤️”

Zaharia, 6th-grade DreamStudent

“I’m glad we have this month because to me it shines light on things that happened to innocent people. We need to have recognition of these people so they know that they will always be remembered.”

Madison, 8th-grade DreamStudent

These reflections represent just a handful of the many perspectives in our community. As we wrap up the month of February, we remain committed to the work of amplifying and learning from Black voices throughout the year. Follow along with the latest DreamWakers updates via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

This March, we will celebrate Women’s History Month by featuring a wide range of diverse women and their careers.

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