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Despite it all, we dream. That is our greatest resistance. — W. Shayk

When Annie Medaglia and Monica Logothetis founded DreamWakers in 2014 to connect professionals to classrooms in rural Virginia, they could only imagine the importance of virtual learning in today’s world.

Now, seven years and a global pandemic later, DreamWakers is especially grateful to have been able to apply lessons learned since our founding to offer the highest quality virtual career exploration opportunities to students across the country throughout the pandemic — whether schools were operating in an in-person, remote, or hybrid model.

Working with rural and urban educators from coast to coast, we have had the privilege to serve 32,000+ students in 44 states and DC. We are especially proud that 84% of these students have reported that DreamWakers provided their very first exposure to the industry of their Dream speaker — welcome impact data backing our belief that “kids can’t be what they can’t see.” We are eager to share the many highlights from the 2020–2021 school year in our latest progress report featured below.

Despite the historic trials of the 2020–2021 academic year, our educators and students not only made it through, they came out on the other side with some unexpected gratitude for the year’s silver linings. We asked 16 of our DreamEducators: What is your proudest accomplishment from this school year? It’s our honor to share their uplifting reflections:

Read more of the reflection in the full progress report.

Every year, DreamWakers provides opportunities for educators to organize flashchats related to a number of featured series. Read a few highlights below!

Learn more about the Show & Share, Financial Literacy, and Fall into Books series’ in the progress report.

DreamWakers is honored to collaborate with outstanding corporate leaders to bring their passion and purpose into the classroom. Our DreamSpeaker community now comprises more than 900 career role models. We are proud to engage volunteers from nearly every industry, representing more than 500 leading companies and organizations, including:

Check out the full annual progress report to read more about our corporate partners and other innovative organization with which we collaborate.

While we don’t yet know what the next seven years hold, we are eager to continue innovating to bring careers of the future into more under-resourced classrooms than ever before.

Thanks to your partnership and belief in the importance of our work, we have confidence that we can turn this dream into a reality for our students across the U.S. You can continue to follow our work on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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