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Highlights of 2021-22

As we conclude another academic year, we are proud to reflect on the efforts and accomplishments of the DreamWakers community. Amid a year of transition and facing challenges of the ongoing pandemic, it was still a record year for DreamWakers. During the 2021-22 school year, we served nearly 8,000 students through 289 flashchats across 25 states and Washington, DC.


Favorite Flashchat Moments

Beyond the numbers, DreamWakers facilitated countless meaningful interactions that can’t be quantified. As we wrapped up the 2021-22 school year, we asked our DreamEducators to share some of their favorite flashchat moments with us. A few of the highlights included:

DreamEducator Ariana Lulli’s 7th-grade forensics class students hosted several flashchats including with Kelly Knight, an Associate Professor of Forensic Science, and Morgan Korzik, a DNA Technologist. Ms. Lulli shared:

Sarah Teed is a school counselor in Moline, IL who reached out to DreamWakers in April 2020 to support her career fair. Since then, we’ve connected Ms. Teed’s students with speakers including Dr. Mamta Nagaraja, Deputy Program Scientist for Space Biology at NASA. Ms. Teed told us:

As an accounting and financial consultant, DreamSpeaker Audric Smith is well-equipped to connect with classrooms to speak about financial literacy. One of the classes he spoke with was Samantha Mosley’s 4th-graders in Hutchinson, KS:

The impact of flashchats expands far beyond one conversation and is often a culmination of exposure to many different professional role models. DreamEducators Rich Underwood in Pittsburgh, PA, and Ann Headrick in Arkansas City, KS, who hosted 6 and 14 flashchats this year, respectively, shared the insights below: 


Thank you to our amazing community of educators and volunteers for another inspiring academic year of supporting students to see what they can be! We look forward to what the future has in store in the meantime, stay up to date with DreamWakers throughout the summer.

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