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Each summer, while many schools celebrate several months of vacation, DreamWakers collaborates with camps, programs, and summer schools to ensure young folks can build connections with inspiring career role models year-round! This year, DreamWakers partnered with summer programs across the U.S., including: Girls Inc. DC’s STEM Summer Leadership Academy, the Chicago Housing Authority’s (CHA) Neighborhood Youth Corps and Smart Art Programs, the New Bedford Whaling Museum’s apprentice program, After School Matters, DC Public Schools’ English Learner Summer Academic Program, and Arkansas City Middle School in Kansas.

Together with our incredible summer partners, DreamWakers reached nearly 1,400 students through 54 flashchats in a two-month period, introducing them to career role models in more than 24 professional sectors. In honor of a summer of dreaming coming to an end, we have highlighted below some inspiring moments from Summer 2022!


“Be confident because you have incredible invaluable gifts that you bring to the world. There is no one like you that can offer the same set of skills, gifts, and magic that you bring to people’s lives.



“Anything you do as a craft and you take it to a very high level — you never know what it can do for you and your career. Find your passion and let it fuel you.


“There is so much you can learn from the people around you just by navigating through your daily life. You can learn new skills from the person right next to you.



“Be the most creative and confident in your choices, and do not worry about the fact that you may not know what you want to do yet. What you are good at, you can become great at.


“If you ever feel like you can’t do something or you don’t have access to something, just ask because most people want to support you. Nothing is impossible.


“I am going to be learning things for the rest of my life. A wise person will always remain open to new opportunities and new ideas. You are never too old to not learn.”




“Find your bliss. Find out what you like and get as deep into it as you can get. Don’t let society put you in a box.”



You are never going to be perfect at everything. You just have to try your best. When you try your best you feel good about yourself.”


Thank you to our amazing partners and volunteers for another inspirational summer. We look forward to all the 2022-2023 academic school year has in store! In the meantime, stay up to date with all things Dreamwakers as we introduce exciting new flashchat series for the upcoming school year.

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