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By Popular Demand: The DreamWakers’ Custom Merch Shop Is Here!

To celebrate DreamWakers’ first in-person event since 2019, and after many years of community requests, we have launched a custom merch shop with exclusive DreamWakers designs! Designing Dreams with DW: A Pop-Up Shop is a limited-run apparel store featuring meaningful artwork inspired by the DreamWakers community, as well as unique DreamWakers swag. Launched as part of DreamWakers’ 2022 Fall fundraising campaign, all proceeds from apparel sales will directly benefit DreamWakers’ student-focused programming.

The merch will also be available in-person at our 2022 Celebration on November 2, with local artists also in attendance.

Inspiring Art with DreamWakers Community Artists

Like the authentic journeys of each of our DreamSpeakers, our custom merch also has an impactful story. 

DreamWakers commissioned artists Sabrina Thompson and Brianna Pippens, both passionate about the power of representation, to create special pieces inspired by our collective work. Read more about them and their art below!

DreamSpeaker Sabrina Thompson is an Aerospace Engineer at NASA and creator of Girl in Space®️ Books, NFTs, apparel and more. Sabrina is passionate about making Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fashionable, fun, and inclusive. Sabrina spreads this message through her art, books, STEMulating Art® program, streetwear, and other merch.
While breaking barriers and inspiring others to do the same, Sabrina dreams of making space exploration more inclusive for women. In addition to being an engineer, atmospheric physicist, author, artist, motivational speaker, and advocate, Sabrina is also designing the first-ever women’s

space suit with her company, GIRL IN SPACE CLUB! Only 11% of the people that have been to space are women. Sabrina seeks to help close this gap through one of her many passions – fashion! By designing a space suit exclusively for women, Sabrina is making space for women! Sabrina hopes to inspire and empower more women and girls to pursue careers in STEM and space exploration. Support her kickstarter campaign here.

Sabrina seeks to inspire confidence in girls and their abilities through her art. Sabrina’s custom DreamWakers piece illustrates a young girl dreaming of becoming an astronaut, just as she once did.



Brianna Pippens, artistically known as Banana Peppers, is a Washington, DC based visual and performance artist. A self-taught artist and trained singer and dancer, Brianna began sharing her art in 2010. She creates illustrations, paintings, drawings, animations, and cut out work that focuses on race, nostalgia, and the nuances of Black identity and experience.On why she decided to work with DreamWakers, Brianna said, “Representation matters because it opens us up to possibility. I think it’s very important to share our own experiences and express ourselves because we never know who may be impacted by it, and how it can potentially shape and influence their choices. I am very mindful of that in the work that I create because I know that art can connect to people deeply and say things that words sometimes can’t. I want people to feel seen within my artwork, and hopefully inspire them to follow their passions. The DreamWakers mission is so important, powerful, and personal. I want to be a part of something that empowers young people and helps provide the tools and resources needed to pursue their interests because I know what a profound impact that can have.”

Brianna’s design features imagery representing different careers and aspirations she found significant and encompassed in our mission.

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Designing Dreams with DW: A Pop-Up Shop will remain live throughout 2022, so stock up early on your holiday gifts and represent the spirit of DreamWakers throughout your community! 


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