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Designing and Inspiring Dreams: Our Impact in 2022!

In DreamWakers’ eighth year since its founding, schools across the country were faced with the exacerbated inequities resulting from the Covid pandemic. Yet students returning to the physical classroom from virtual and hybrid learning models brought new opportunities for DreamWakers’ community to collectively support educators and their students in all settings and circumstances.

DreamWakers’ continues to deliver exceptional virtual career exploration opportunities, having a profound impact on students across the country. We are proud to work with phenomenal educators in rural, suburban, and urban communities spanning from coast to coast, encompassing 45 states and DC. We have served more than 42,000 students nationwide and are honored to collaborate with more than 800 schools and programs, reaching more students with career inspiration each day.

2022 was a year of continued connection and expansion of our impact. This year alone, we hosted nearly 14,000 minutes of interactive career conversation, with 89% of students reporting that DreamWakers provided their very first exposure to the industry of their DreamSpeaker. We are thrilled to share highlights from 2022 in our latest annual progress report featured below.

Impact by the Numbers

2022 Flashchat Highlights

Every year, DreamWakers provides opportunities for educators to organize flashchats related to a number of featured series. Our Black History Month flashchat series broke a monthly record in 2022, connecting more than 2,000 students across 17 states with professional Black role models through 51 flashchats! 

A new school year means new themed flashchat series to help educators bring their lessons to life! In fall 2022, we offered flashchat series highlighting careers in TV and film, college readiness, innovative careers in technology, math-related careers, and flashchats focused on the history of the White House featuring experts from the White House Historical Association. Read more about these flashchats in our full progress report.

In the Community

In 2022, DreamWakers’ annual celebration was held in-person for the first time since 2019, bringing together DreamSpeakers, DreamEducators, and supporters from the DC area and beyond. This inspiring evening filled with community and connection culminated in powerful messages from distinguished members of our community, sharing about the importance of our collective mission to help students see what they can be. Our community united in action, investing in DreamStudents and the exciting possibilities of their futures.


Innovation through Collaboration

DreamWakers is honored to collaborate with amazing companies and educational organizations to bring the passion of their professionals into classrooms across the country. Our DreamSpeaker community consists of more than 1,100 inspiring career role models representing over 600 companies and organizations such as:

Check out our full annual progress report to learn more about our corporate partners and other innovative organizations with which we collaborate.

We look forward to what the future holds for DreamWakers. As we enter into these next months of 2023 and beyond, our community is energized to inspire dreams in rural and under-resourced classrooms, exposing more students to career opportunities than ever before. Thank you for your support and belief in our mission to help students see what they can be.

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